Light and Reflection Lab



Light is relevant in all aspects of our lives. In art, communication, physics, architecture, philosophy. The list goes on. Reflection is a process undergone by light, and people also reflect. We question our own actions, reach realisation and subsequently evolve. The Light and Reflection Lab is a space which unifies these concepts. Acting within the frame of the Open Class of the UdK, it is a space in which autonomous teaching takes place, where the group decides what is of interest. Far-reaching social questions are asked and investigated, and workshops are held to improve scientific and technical skills. Collectively we have the means to transdisciplinary expression.

This Semester marks the beginnings of the Light and Reflection Lab as a Projektwerkstatt and course at TU Berlin. 3 Leistungspunkte for doing things which really interest you may sound too good to be true, but it’s real. Since this is so to speak the Lab’s pilot semester, we felt the need to establish a broad topic for the semester in advance. FREEDOM is the topic which interests us, and has interested many since the beginnings of society. Amongst other things we will be discussing the Beat Generation, the ’68 Movement, the history of Berlin and its current techno scene, and we can’t wait to hear your input. Let’s talk freedom baby!

Jeden Mittwoch von 18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr, 34c @UdK, Hardenbergstr. 33,